Hack website using IIS exploit

Hello every one today I am going to show you how to hack website using the IIS exploit. In IIS exploit you can upload your deface page or shell (Only asp shell ) without admin penal. This tutorial is only for windows7 user for Windows xp user I will publish it later.

Just Follow the simple steps to hack website using IIS exploit

1. Open My computer and right click anywhere and select “ Add a network location
2. Now one dialog box will be open then in it click on next
3. Again click on next and After that add your IIS vulnerable site.

4. Now just click ok and then give that web folder a name and then click on next and finally click on FINISH.
5. Now open that web folder and upload your deface page or shell then go to
www.yourwebsite.com/yourdefacepagename.html and you will get your deface page/ shell.

(here is some IIS vulnerable site list enjoy )